The hARTati Bird Project


Here’s a proper presentation of my hARTati Bird Project-gear.

✔18 colours in magnetisized half-pans handmulled and crafted by Pfeiffer art supply, USA.
✔3 metal tins in different sizes from Pfeiffer art supply, depending on (my) mood and handbag.
✔3 different brushes (round Richeson finest Sable no.1, travel-brush Escoda Reserva no.2, daVinci kolinsky-rotmarder no.3)
✔small papers by Canson, I think? Anyway, I’ve cut A4 downloaded to format 10,5×7 cm, and they actually fit in the large tin!
✔1 small plate of porcelain for mixing on.
✔1 small cup of porcelain as watertray .
✔1 Staedtler pigment liner for signature, and perhaps a tiny line-and-wash 😉. (It’s Inktober, after all)
✔a touch of fantasy
✔cellphone camera for documentation. My Xperia is still going strong, yay!

That’s it. Goal? To work trough every combination of two-colour from this wonderful palette. In a fun way. Every little painting in the hARTati Bird Project will have a short presentation.

It’s also nice working with handmade, non-toxic watercolours. I’m surprised it’s non avaliable here in my home-country.